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Several original Batavia manufactured windmills have been located, purchased, renovated, and erected along the Batavia Riverwalk.

The Model E windmill displayed on the Riverwalk, is patriotically depicted in red, white, and blue colors so often favored by the U.S. Wind Engine & Pump Company. The wood that forms the red tower-within-a-tower was cut from telephone poles in order to support the massive fourteen-foot diameter solid-wheel design wooden wheel.

The Riverwalk exhibit currently has seven examples of Batavia manufactured windmills. Most manufacturers are represented with a selection of Models and dates of production. All of the windmills are accompanied by a plaque with the history of the manufacturer and the particular model represented. Come take a walk on the Batavia Riverwalk to see these beauties operating as the day they were first erected.

Windmills of the Riverwalk

Halliday Vaneless Windmill - circa 1880-1890
Donated by the Swanson Family in Memory of Aurthur Swanson

Challenge Vaneless "Model 1913" Windmill

Challenge "OK" Model Windmill - manufactured from 1885-1914

Challenge Steel Windmill - manufactured from 1906-1927

Goodhue Special Windmill - manufactured from 1902-1927

Model "E" Windmill - first invented in 1867

Challenge 27 Windmill - manufactured from 1927-1942


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